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At Afton Field Farm, we love visitors!

We provide a two hour tour once a month for you to see the land, the animals, and to learn our farming methods.

To find out the tour dates for this year, please look at our website for more information.

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  1. Melissa McGuffin permalink
    04.05.10 4:00 PM

    I would love to sign up for a tour… We live in Camas, Washington and would love to come check out your farm business. I run a Farm Fresh Produce stand and sell my local produce to a few restaraunts. Our family really wants to get into the egg and meat production for our farm. We got our tickets to see Joel in Portland this month, and would love to make it down to your farm in the near future. We have a group of friends that we are including in our farm business so that we can GROW! I have a facebook site DeTemple Farm if you want to check it out. Since there are 6 of us plus a ton of kiddos, would it be possible to set up a farm visit for our group during the week???

    • 04.12.10 6:13 PM


      Be on the lookout for the email I sent you about our farm tour options. Looking forward to seeing you and all that join you when you come to visit :)

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