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I am Alicia Jones, a born and raised city girl that married a farmer and moved to the country.  I love wearing high heels and find myself tromping through the field to help feed the chickens while wearing them way too often. This city girl is still in transition.  Here is the good, the bad, and the cow-pies of my journey into the farm life. Hope you enjoy the adventure as much as I do!

A quick note & disclaimer:  The information on this blog is not in any way a professional opinion, but simply my personal opinion and preferences.  If you like a photo and wish to use it in any manor, please ask me for permission.  Thank you.

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  1. 08.31.09 2:43 PM

    Friend! Your website is amazing– I’m so glad that I now have a way to keep in better contact with you via your stories and photos. We love knowing all that is going on with you and Tyler. And we miss you tons! Love you, Randi

  2. 09.23.09 5:42 AM

    Love it!! Thanks for sharing your world…


    • Roberta permalink
      09.29.09 4:28 PM

      Your blog is great.
      I’m enjoying watching it grow.
      Your move ito farm life is wonderful to watch. A little like Green Acres :)
      Bula is taking the place of Arnold the pig.
      Love, MOM

  3. Roberta permalink
    09.29.09 4:30 PM

    Ned Ludd is fantastic.
    The protk and chicken from Afton Feild Farm was truly mouth watering. The staff were a delight.

  4. Kim permalink
    03.14.10 2:35 AM

    I love high heels and farms too! Have plenty of high heels, miss the farm.
    Just purchased my first Afton Field Farms products today!


    • 03.17.10 1:04 AM

      :) I love hearing that you love high heels and farms too Kim! Hope you enjoyed your first farm fresh product from us and looking forward to providing you with more delicious products in the future.

  5. 04.26.10 1:29 PM

    Great Blog – I’ll be following it.

  6. 09.08.10 8:18 PM

    I was wondering, where/how did you get your logo design? I’m looking for someone/someplace to design one for our little farm. Thanks!

  7. 01.07.11 4:13 AM

    I popped over to see your website. What a delight. I grew up on the farm and now live in the big city.

    Where are you located? I don’t recognize that breed of cattle.

    • 01.07.11 6:49 AM

      We are located in Corvallis Oregon. You said that you grew up on ‘the’ farm- do you mean this land that we are living on now or just that you lived on a farm? The type of cattle we purchased are over 50% Red Devon. The people we purchased the cattle from had some other breeds earlier in their operation but were working on a full Red Devon herd. We aren’t exactly sure of the other breeds. Hope that helps. Thanks for checking out the website and blog!

  8. 01.26.11 10:47 AM

    Wow! Your blog is way too cute. I am an OSU student and believe you or/and your husband are coming to talk to our class tomorrow, so I was looking through your postings and am very excited to hear more about the farm life. I am a city girl myself and think it’s amazing you get to experience this totally different world. Also, on a separate note, what camera did you use to take all those pictures? They’re absolutely beautiful!

    • 02.01.11 7:23 PM

      Thank you for your nice comments about my blog! I have fun with it. Hope that you enjoyed our presentation to your class last week. We had a good time.
      The camera I used for all the ‘re-post’ posts was actually my friends professional Canon camera. I think it was a 3 series. For everything else I just use my point-and-shoot canon; nothing fancy. I am saving for a nice camera though ;) Hope that helps.

  9. Deb permalink
    11.20.11 1:13 AM

    There’s something wrong with the farm website. I think you’ve been hacked. Everything I clicked on became an ad for drugs.

    I think people who do things like that should be hung upside down over the manure pile.

    • 11.23.11 4:15 PM

      Thanks for letting me know! I’ll tell our website gal and see if she can hack it out… no pun intended ;) If we catch them, the PIG manure pile is the first place I’m taking them! :)

  10. Michelle Birman permalink
    02.14.12 3:56 PM

    Alicia, I absolutely LOVE reading your blog. Your life on the farm is so interesting and I bet you are learning a ton! Both about farm life and yourself sounds like! What a wonderful experience. Your photography is really good as well, you have some great pictures to share with us all! Hope you are well old friend.

    • 02.20.12 10:40 AM

      Hi Michelle! It has been really fun to share my life with everyone {who wants to read} I am definitely learning a lot; and actually mainly about myself. I’ve also really enjoyed ‘staying in touch’ by reading your posts on Facebook :) I hope that there might be a chance when we could meet up in person for coffee or lunch or something. I’m up in Portland for deliveries and various other things, so if it looks like I might have a free minute, I’ll FB you and see if you’re free :)

    • 05.23.12 5:26 PM

      Amber you are too kind! I’m honored that you nominated me for The Versatile Blogger award! It totally made my day- thank you! I’m happy to share in on the fun :)

      • 05.23.12 6:34 PM

        I have no idea how ‘major’ it actually is, but it made my day- and I’m glad it made yours! :)

  11. 05.27.12 9:09 AM

    What a sweet blog you have here!! I love the idea of heals in the barn… And Would love to the leave the city life and be able to do what you are doing!! Thanks for sharing your life and these unique experiences of life on a farm. :)

    • 06.07.12 5:15 PM

      Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you enjoy reading about our fun experiences :) Even if you can only go volunteer or visit often other farms, I would highly recommend it. You will learn a ton of things about so many various parts of life and yourself. All the best to you! I hope you’ll get to take your heels to a barnyard some day ;)

  12. Lynne Griffin permalink
    02.07.13 5:34 AM

    Hi Alicia: I am Kristin Griffin’s Mom, Lynne. She told me how wonderful you were speaking
    to her class. You and your husband are such an adorable couple !
    Love the name of your blog.

    • 02.07.13 9:58 AM

      Lynne, you are so kind!! I am smiling from ear to ear because of the fact that you took the time to look at my blog and say something. Thank you! Your daughter is absolutely lovely and a joy to be around. I am hoping that this is just the beginning of our working/friendly relationship ;)

  13. Lynne Griffin permalink
    02.17.13 6:54 AM

    Hi Alicia from snowy Boston,
    Forget your to-do lists for now…remember baby steps. A nice magazine, latte, and
    a yummy pastry and enjoy some quality time with you. All the best…Lynne

    • 02.22.13 4:27 PM

      You are too right, Lynne! :) I’ve been practicing that, little by little each day. I always can use the reminder {and permission} though ;)

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