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{a much needed hiatus}


Afton Field Farm

In fear of sounding melodramatic or leading anyone to think that things are worse then they are, I am going to say plainly that I am in need of taking a hiatus from my blog {and most definitely a ‘less aggressive’ daily viewing/participation of social media in general}  No need to jump to conclusions that High Heels in the Barnyard is going to the grave- I will return; I promise you that.  Like a flower laying dormant in the winter, it comes back with more life & beauty when the weather is just right in the spring and it has taken the much needed rest season.

Thank you to all you faithful of this community here.  I look forward to returning and anticipate the sweet season I am entering now.

All my love,


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  1. Tony Gaetz(Bare Mtn Farm) permalink
    02.22.13 5:30 PM

    Hope you get rejuvenated. You guys work pretty dang hard and early Spring can be intense. Look forward to seeing you both in the Spring at the Farmer’s Mkt in Corvallis. Tony & Denise

  2. 02.22.13 8:09 PM

    Take all the time you need, recharge, regroup, etc. Good luck staying off social media (I make a daily vow that I break pretty much daily in that regard – you’ll probably do much better). Save up some pictures to show us all someday. We’ll see you when we see you :).

    Blessings, Dawn

  3. Cynthia Stevenson permalink
    02.22.13 10:58 PM

    Good girl, Alicia!

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