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{happy monday}


Afton Field Farm

Happy Monday!

As usual on Mondays, we are running around doing a million things at once, trying to get everything in order so that the rest of the week won’t be too crazy.  The boys are moving sheep to a new paddock, bedding & feeding the cattle in the barn, feeding pigs, and preparing to catch our oldest layer flock tonight {they are at the end of their production and now will be sold or butchered  to become stewing hens}  I’ve been grocery shopping and working on a presentation for a class at OSU I’m speaking at on Wednesday.  All and all, it’s been a relatively good day.  Hope yours was good too!

Afton Field Farm

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  1. 02.04.13 4:43 PM

    “As usual on Mondays, we are running” – thought you were going to say running around like chickens – ha! Happy Monday:)

  2. Crista permalink
    02.04.13 5:59 PM

    I don’t typically enjoy Mondays but the good news is that today is almost over! On to Tuesday…. :) Good day!

  3. farmgirlontheprairie permalink
    02.05.13 1:32 PM

    How do you keep the critters from eating your chickens? Do you lock them up at night?

    • 02.06.13 4:40 PM

      We have various methods of protecting our animals from predators. For the sheep and layer chickens, we use an electrified netting. For the broiler chickens we have portable, bottom-less pens. Also for the layers we have guard geese that chase away eagles & coyotes. And there is nothing that tries to get our cattle. So far we haven’t much predator problems except for raccoon or opossums teaching their young to hunt by reaching their little paws under the broiler shelters and killing them.

      Hope that helps! :)

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