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{winter farmers’ market- a video}


The time between the two season of Farmers’ Markets here in Corvallis, is always so challenging.  Here at Afton Field Farm, we don’t grow very much of our own veggies, so when there is no market, there are limited veggies.  And my body just aches for something to add to our pork and beans.

Here is my first attempt at a video, sharing with you my basket full of goodies from the Saturday Farmers’ Market.  The video wasn’t nominated for a Golden Globe Award.  And I didn’t win best supporting female actress.  But I learned a lot about crafting a creative video- which was the main point of me filming the exciting experience of what I picked up at the market…

Happy Thursday!

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  1. A Allsman permalink
    01.31.13 4:33 PM

    Yummm, now I’m hungry :)

  2. Roberta Donaldson permalink
    02.02.13 6:07 PM

    I loved watching your video.

  3. farmgirlontheprairie permalink
    02.03.13 5:05 AM

    I’m impressed for being a novice, with music too! What a great way to share with your followers. Thank you!

  4. Crista permalink
    02.04.13 6:37 PM

    the video is cute :)

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