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{market day}



I and the other hardcore local and seasonal people were on cloud 9 this Saturday at the first winter market of the year. Finally some greens to add to my diet! ;) It totally puts me in the best mood to go experience the market without working it. I definitely had a pep in my step the rest of the day and have had a warm heart as I enjoy the beautiful flowers on our coffee table. I’m looking forward to next weekend.


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  1. 01.14.13 3:37 PM

    Beautiful tulips – nice to enjoy it for a change of pace! Happy Monday:)

  2. Crista permalink
    01.14.13 3:49 PM

    awww i miss the farmers market :( craving SUMMER!

    • 01.15.13 2:54 PM

      Crista, I totally craved the summer too when I went to the market. All the vendors that have to be outside because the inside is too full of vendors, were absolutely freezing! I’m sure they were longing for warmer weather too ;)

  3. Linna Straub permalink
    01.16.13 10:54 AM

    Hello Alicia, I enjoy reading about your farm and have not read all of your writing, so forgive me if you have covered this earlier. Have you and your husband read the book “The Farm, Treasure Remembered” by Evelyn Whitfield? It is about the Allworth family
    who lived on your farm from the 1930’s to 1970’s. I have a copy that I enjoyed very much
    and would be happy to give to you, if you do not own one. Linna Straub

    • 01.25.13 10:38 AM

      Linna, thank you so much for mentioning the book to me. We are, in fact, very familiar with it and have quite a few copies :) The Allworth’s are a wonderful family and many of them have come and visited numerous times. Thanks for stopping by!

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