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{my first agriculture related speaking gig}


Yesterday I was a panel speaker for one session at the first Oregon Agritourism Summit put on by Oregon State’s small farms extension service.  When Garry & Melissa sent an email to the farm last month asking for a panelist for the summit, we thought they were asking Tyler.  When we responded saying that it sounding like an awesome event and Tyler would be available, they wrote back and said they actually wanted me to speak!  I was completely shocked, honored, and humbled that they asked me to speak.  I was on a panel with two awesome women, Emily Forsha from Travel Oregon and Jeannine Breshears from Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory and we all shared our tips and advice for “marketing your destination”- mainly via web & social media.  There was a great turnout and I loved being able to network with so many wonderful people!

Tyler was there, in the second row with a huge, proud grin on his face.  He tried to take a picture of me speaking, but it was hard to tell if it was me or a Muppet bobbing behind the podium; hence the photo-free post today.  I was so thankful that he came and was there supporting me; it calmed my nerves.  Just as I have learned from him when he speaks somewhere, he said he learned a lot from my talk and saw, in a new way, one area that I work so hard at for the farm.

I am looking forward to what this summit will do for Agritourism in Oregon.  Thank you for all that were involved in putting the summit on!  You’re hard work paid off!

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  1. 12.01.12 4:40 PM

    Congrats!!! Have a Great One:)

  2. Denise Gaetz permalink
    12.01.12 5:07 PM

    Way to go!!! That’s just terrific!

  3. Roberta Donaldson permalink
    12.02.12 10:41 AM

    I’m so proud of you!! What a wonderful way to honor all your hard work. Love you. MOM

  4. Bill O'C permalink
    12.03.12 2:13 PM

    Terrific! Keep us posted on results and events.

  5. 12.04.12 3:09 PM

    Love it!!

  6. 12.09.12 8:57 AM

    Good for you Mrs. Farmer Jones. I’m sure the audience was totally engaged with your presentation. You have such a passion and commitment to your life on the farm. I love reading your blogs and staying “connected” with you that way. Love, Nancy (& Bob too!)

  7. liza permalink
    12.09.12 10:12 PM

    Wow!!! That is sooo awesome! I would have loved to hear you speak and I am sure that those who were there learned so much from what you shared. What a privilege :) Some days you may not feel as though you are making an impact but your ripple effect is GREAT :).


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