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{thanksgiving pasture raised turkeys}


Zig-zagging around the pasture, these turkeys are now all corralled and waiting for tomorrow’s early morning butcher day. Hours, days, and weeks of attention, preparation, care, and nourishment have been put into your Thanksgiving meal’s main dish. We are so thankful to know that we are providing so many with a humanely and ethically and locally raised turkey this year. Thank you!

Today we have spent time cooking, cleaning, gathering, designing, planning, adjusting, discussing, and focusing our attention on tomorrow’s big day. We’re pretty excited and I’m looking forward to working beside our awesome butcher crew again!

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  1. drjeff7 permalink
    11.15.12 6:37 PM

    That is something that we may try in the future, meaning raise the Turkeys. I think we are going to try to raise them on good pasture as much as possible. We may even go with an old breed, so that we can have a self-sustaining flock.

    • 01.09.13 10:21 AM

      That would be so great Jeff! There are quite a few areas of our farm that we wish were smaller {or that we had more hands to help manage} so that we could do our own breeding to be more sustainable. We are thankful that at least we are able to help support other small farm businesses by purchasing some animals from them. All the best to you!

  2. Roberta Donaldson permalink
    11.16.12 4:26 PM

    Have a great day and tell the awesome crew Hi for me.

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