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{thanksgiving turkey time}


We have been planning for Thanksgiving since February when we were planning out our chick & poult orders for the year.  That’s just how it is on a farm.  You plan weeks, months, and years in advance.  With all the planning, preparing, and patience that goes into each thing we raise or plant or make here, it truly makes me more excited when the season of harvest is finally upon us!  There’s been so much that has gone into the animal/plant by harvest time.  It’s fun to watch it all go full circle; especially with the Thanksgiving Turkeys.  We ended our regular broiler chicken butcher season a couple of weeks ago, and though it is an indescribable feeling to sleep in on Wednesday morning and leisurely start the day, we all look forward to the 2 days of turkey butchering.

The turkeys have been gobbling in the field for weeks now and it is officially time to order your Afton Field Farm Thanksgiving Turkey!  Click HERE to place an order if you are in the Corvallis, Eugene, Salem, or Portland areas.

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  1. 11.01.12 4:48 PM

    Hi. I’m actually interested in placing an order…. but I think it’d be really beneficial if you had more information on the form.. nothing about price per lb,, what size ranges you have, what kind of birds they are.. when you pick them up, etc. Since you’re using a google form, can you just add that stuff?

    also.. curious. are you looking for helpers for Turkey Doomsday? I usually go back east to help some friends butcher, but can’t this year. I can eviserate or pluck. whatever:)

    • 01.09.13 6:20 PM

      Thanks for your feedback, Amanda! I’m so sorry I didn’t get back to you. I wasn’t doing much checking of my blog and therefore totally missed your comment. I hope that your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

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