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{personal farm to fork dinner}


Well I’m one loved woman! Mr. Farmer Jones totally surprised me last night and took me on a romantic dinner- at the end of our field. During sunset. He made dinner. Planned it all day. Totally surprised me.


I love him fully and completely.

On a day such as 9/11, a day that seems like yesterday no matter how many years have passed, it makes you pause. Allows you to breath in deeply the fullness, love, blessing, and life that you have. I mourn those that are not able to do the same today.

Reflecting today, of all days, on the love my husband showed me last night, has given me a thankful heart that goes deeper than it may have on any other day.

















And here is proof, I do actually wear high heels in the barnyard ;)


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  1. 09.11.12 1:09 PM

    THANK YOU for answering my question! As my husband and I sat out on our deck having a glass of wine I saw a little fire in the field and wondered what in the world was happening out there! We live on the other side of that field off Brooklane Drive. I almost got the spot light out and now I’m really glad I didn’t. Would have really put a damper on the romance! We did finally settle on the fact that it was probably someone from your farm having a bonfire where the cows usually are grazing. Tell him good job….what a really cool thing to do on an amazing star filled- no wind- warmish evening! My name is Lainey Dyer and I’m sort of your neighbor. :-) P.S. I really enjoy watching your cows graze.

  2. 09.11.12 1:53 PM

    Wow… now that is a creative man. How awesome.

  3. Sheri permalink
    09.11.12 2:50 PM

    I am in awe of how much time you two make for each other in your busy lives! It is a BEAUTIFUL thing!!

  4. Lael permalink
    09.11.12 4:33 PM

    I knew I liked him….and now I know why you like him, a man with a romantic heart, nice!

  5. 09.11.12 8:08 PM

    You are so blessed! Your husband is awesome to think of something like that! :) definitely makes us cherish those moments on days like today, when we remember how life can change in an instant.

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