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{Here is a photo I forgot to post last week. This is Bula playing cornhole during 4th of July}

As a new week is already in full swing, I am still reflecting on last weeks ‘day in the life’ posts. Here is what I’ve been reflecting on:

– I am honestly really happy that I was able to do a whole weeks worth of ‘day in the life’ posts.

– I was surprised by how many of you enjoyed hearing what a typical-ish week looks like for me. I was truly so encouraged by everyone’s comments {both here and in person} I had so much fun being surprised by various customer’s and friend’s comments about something I had done earlier in the week. I loved the connection I had with so many people!

– Posting everyday wasn’t as hard or as donating as I thought.

– Posting everyday and keeping it all current and up to date was more time consuming than I anticipated. All of the content I was capturing and posting took a lot of brain power- which was equally exhausting and exhilarating ;)

– I realized that Mr. Farmer Jones and I need to have kids As. Soon. As. Possible. So that 1) I can have a couple other photos to intersperse in amongst the doggie photos and 2) so that I can spread my lovin’ out a little bit more than to just the doggies ;)

– There were so many things that I usually do throughout various weeks that I didn’t do this week; like helping with chores, taking pictures with my big camera not just my phone, editing photos, doing emails, helping to wash eggs, doing various farm related crafts, running errands, making more traditional food items, going grocery shopping… Guess I’ll just have to do a week in the life again sometime ;)

– Some of the reflections above I was surprised by and others not so much. But one thing surprised and blessed me more than anything else. My eyes were opened to the fact that I really do a lot. And not just a lot, but I contribute to the farm and the things that I do are of value. It may seem ridiculous that I don’t see this already, but I really don’t. I usually am struggling and wrestling with thoughts that the things I do each day don’t contribute to the farm, don’t help it move forward at all, that I am doing things that are more selfish and weak than anything else, and that I really shouldn’t be as overwhelmed, tired, or cranky as I am because I could be doing more…

I know those are all total and complete lies. People have told me this. But it wasn’t until I was doing these posts that I really believed in my heart and in {the bigger battlefield of} my mind that I do a great deal of very valuable things that contribute to the life and health of the farm, as well as to our lives.

I am so grateful for the peace I have in my mind as truth rings over and over in my ears. I honestly still {and will} battled with the lies of being not good enough, but I feel like I have gained new strength and skills to actually fight and concur those lies.

Thank you all, for encouraging me so much on this journey! As simple as it was, and ‘easy’ as it was to come up with the ‘subject’, it changed my life. And that was the most surprising and most blessed part of my week :)

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  1. Carrie Fairchild permalink
    07.10.12 7:44 PM

    What a lovely reflection! So happy that you learned more of yourself this last week. I know that I enjoyed reading about your everyday life. And yes, Mr. Farmer Jones and yourself should have babies as soon as possible! Babies make everything more interesting :)

  2. 07.11.12 10:43 AM

    Great Post – love the photo – ha! – You GO Girl!!! Have a Wonderful Day!

  3. Wendy Feller permalink
    07.12.12 5:43 AM

    Great reflections on a job that tirelessly enjoyable! Do not discredit yourself in the least and it sounds like this was an excellent exercise for you to see just how much you do on a daily basis. I also live in a similar situation 2,000 miles away and I can certainly empathize with you. Keep up your pace and don’t forget to stop and cherish those really wonderful moments in time where you feel so blessed to be doing what you’re doing!

  4. 07.13.12 1:17 PM

    Alicia, I LOOOOOVED your “day in the life” posts! You know this, because i already told you last week. I had to say it again anyway! I think your life is inspiring, because it’s different from the norm. It’s so fun to watch the duties of a farm wife (and yes, obviously, you do a LOT OF WORK on the farm, but we all knew this already, hehe). I loved reading about your day to day! :)

    • 07.16.12 4:56 PM

      I love you Caila! Thanks for following along with me ;) I loved being able to see you and Stryder at the market! Hope there are many more times of seeing your beautiful face in person ;)

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