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{a day- maybe a week- in the life: thursday



{I was too exhausted to get up for my workout class today, and I decided sleep would do my body better on this particular day}

{And of course a Mama Meads cookie would be best for this particular morning as well. Took some “me time” after sleeping in a bit and tried another Mama Meads cookie}

{It quickly became one of ‘those days’. I could tell I was going to be fighting myself and my mind all day. It’s so weird when you wake up knowing it is going to be a challenging day. Moments after this picture was taken, I got some breakfast and returned to my outdoor seat; only to have Trudy jump back up in my lap and knock have my food onto the ground. Where Bula promptly cleaning up for me}

{I was really miffed. But I took sometime to calm down and went inside and played ‘string-toy’ with Trudy to tell her I wasn’t actually mad at her}


{Today is Kyle, Ella, and Bradd’s birthdays. That is one of Tyler’s brothers, his wife, and Tyler’s Dad. I decided to try to make presents for Kyle and Ella}

{This cork board nearly made me have a nervous breakdown. For 20 minutes I ran around tearing every room apart to try to find the glue-gun and the special corks I saved; only to find both in the first place I started looking! Due to the fact that honestly most days I feel like I am drowning in our life, I will shove things into one room {or many rooms} while I am cleaning or organizing another. This leaves me unable to find practically anything in a timely manner. It also makes me feel like a horrible house keeper and wife. I also get so mad at myself for not taking the time to thoroughly organize all the stuff we own or that is given to us by family or friends. But as I was literally in tears in the office trying to blog and work on the asparagus labels, my sweet husband comes in and gives me a special present for my Saints Day yesterday, holds me, gives me a kiss, and tells me that he will make the cork board so I can get all the other things done that I need to; which he did do but not before taking out the trash and recycle {without being asked} that were taking over the pantry. I have an amazing husband! I really needed all of those gifts of love in that moment}


{While my super-husband finished cutting and gluing corks, I left to go get a hair color and cut and get totally pampered. It felt so good to get away from the house and away from my mindset for a couple hours}


{Fresh hair}


{I even stopped to get a special coffee drink for me and of course for Tyler too}


{Waited in line for gas}


{Then headed home.  This is typically what we see when we get home}


{And I came home to this cutie lounging in the sun}


{Here is my man with his beautiful creation.  He followed and executed my idea wonderfully!}


{And if Mr. Farmer Jones hadn’t done enough for me on this emotional day, once I got home and handed him his coffee, he said, “Babes, why don’t you go out and lay in the sun and read your magazines for a bit before we leave to celebrate the birthdays.  I did chores early so I could watch the farm store for you.”  Ummm…. yes please!  I am truly a blessed woman.  I really cannot explain just how much I needed all of the things that he did for me today.  He showed me true love, thought, and selflessness- as he does so often.  I love him so much!}




{Of course Bula was right by my side soaking up the late afternoon rays as well.}


{The birthday people! Kyle, Ella, and Bradd- the Rad Dad.  Tyler’s mom, Heather, served the most delicious fried chicken, potato salad, deviled eggs, and watermelon.  I must say that our chicken fried is fantastic!  We all had a good time hanging out and celebrating together.  Being surrounded by people who love and care for you and being able to honor each other, is the perfect way to end a day like today}


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  1. Lael permalink
    07.06.12 9:59 AM

    Yes your chicken fried is fantastic, but then it’s fantastic every way we’ve eaten it! and you are so right about being surrounded by people who love and care for you. Really enjoying your posts..

  2. Sheri permalink
    07.06.12 2:45 PM

    your husband sounds like he knows you very well ;) he’s a keeper!! and those asparagus look amazing!!!

  3. Ann permalink
    07.06.12 6:23 PM

    Love the pic of Kyle,Ella and Brad!

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