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Most days, something is being done in the garden.  Little by little, the small plots of garden have gotten finished being prepped and starts have gotten planted.  Kyle, {one of Tyler’s brothers an the man in charge of the garden} has been working hard.   We would have liked to get the garden started sooner, but the domino effect was in full swing and nature had a timing all her own- as she usually does ;)  We had layer chickens on some of the garden this winter, so we had to wait for them to move out to pasture, and things were still a little too wet and cold to get anything in the ground.  However, all the hard work is starting to be seen.

Jon, our neighbor, came and helped us for an hour today getting one large patch tilled for us.  It was so helpful!  He left minutes before a big thunder and lightening storm hit.  The lighting struck down in the field to the South of us and the rolling thunder shook the house!  Always exciting!

To till we had been using this:

Granted it is a great body-building machine it tends to take quite a bit longer to get the same results as the big tractor tiller.

Onions got put in the ground at the end of last week.  They are doing well so far.

We had made terraces in the lower portion of the garden last year.  We plan to add short stone walls to keep the soil in place.  Though it looks super cool, it has revealed less than optimal soil.  Thus we will need to do some amendment work and we’ve had to baby the tomato starts along.  We added some extra soil around the plants.  They are very thankful- and so are we, and our CSA members will be too :)

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  1. Cinnamon permalink
    06.04.12 3:37 PM

    What?! You mean your soil was actually just clay with grass growing on top? ;) I’ve found we have to amend our soil in our little kitchen garden every year. I would like to know where all goes! Can’t wait for tomatoes. What varieties did you plant?

    • 06.07.12 5:20 PM

      Haha Cinnamon! I know, it’s a completely mystery as to where all your hard work of amending actually goes each year! We get all of our seeds right now from Territorial Seed Company. I believe that Kyle {Tyler’s brother} is planting Roma’s and then a basic slicer type. I can’t remember the name. But I know they’ll be tasty! And all those CSA members are going to love them :)

  2. 06.04.12 4:22 PM

    Love the feeling of your photos! Looks like you’re doing good work, good luck.

    • 06.07.12 5:20 PM

      I truly appreciate you stopping by and also your sweet comment about my pictures! We are working hard and it is so nice to hear that others are enjoying how I share it with them :)

  3. 06.04.12 6:49 PM

    I love the antiquey look of the photos…looks like the “old” days on the farm :)

  4. Charlotte permalink
    06.15.12 9:33 PM

    Love your blog! Thank you for sharing your days with us. ;) Your posts always brighten my day.

    I do have a question for you. Could you tell me how you keep the weeds away in your garden? We tilled a patch of land in our field and the weeds keep coming back. Your garden looks so perfect.

    Many thanks and blessings!

    • 06.26.12 7:35 AM

      Charlotte- I am so glad that you enjoy by blog! I really do enjoy sharing our life with others through it.

      To answer your question about the weeds in our garden- We weed it by hand. When the photos were taken we had literally just tilled and planted; hence why it looks ‘perfect’. We don’t use any sprays and we also don’t mulch. We try to stay on top of it by weekly weeding. It definitely is a labor of love. But we know that the hard work we put in each year means less and less weeds as the years go on; though they will never be fully gone, unfortunately ;)

      All the best to you and your garden! Thank you again for your encouragement and support!

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