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{sunny orchard and the sheep}


It is absolutely one of the most pastoral looking scenes on the farm when the sheep are in the orchard grazing.  I always look forward to having them munching away so close to the house.  You could just watch them for hours.  I actually will go out with my camera, a glass of ice tea and a magazine and sit under a tree in the paddock with the sheep are milling about or sleeping around me.  I hope that the mamas start having their babies while they are still in the orchard!


This photo and the one at the beginning of the post are both of one of the twins born earlier this year.  They are getting so big already!

On these hot spring days, the sheep really appreciate being able to relax in the shade.

They are helping ease our load of tasks each week by keeping the orchard grass and front yard mowed down so we don’t have to as often.  Maybe someday soon we’ll have a riding lawn mower to cut down on the 3-5 hour/week mowing chore, but until then, we use the animals as often as possible.

Mr. Farmer Jones moved the herd this morning to a fresh new paddock in the orchard.  After they eat down the grass there, we’ll move them to the back Westley pasture to graze the grass that is growing back where the pigs were last year and part of this winter.

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  1. 05.15.12 11:26 AM

    breathtaking pictures!

  2. grandstreetbid permalink
    05.15.12 11:57 AM

    gorgeous! your blog has been beyond fabulous lately. And David Bazaan! That’s awesome!

  3. 05.15.12 2:45 PM

    My husband and I are wannabe farmers. I just found your blog last week through another blog. It is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    • 05.15.12 5:21 PM

      Juliana- no need to be embarrassed! I TOTALLY know how that can go! I’ve done the same thing many times. I appreciate your support and enthusiasm- even every time you posted a comment ;) Look forward to hearing from you again too!

  4. Roberta Donaldson permalink
    05.15.12 3:30 PM

    I’m glad the sheep can help with the yard work:)

  5. 05.17.12 9:57 AM

    Beautiful pictures! Pastoral indeed.

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