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{spring sheep}


We brought the sheep up to the front yard to help us mow down the grass, and so that the kids could all get a close look at them for Baby Days earlier this week.  We have a breed of sheep called Katahdin.  They are a hair sheep, so they shed their hair this time of year. It is always humorous to see them while they are shedding because it looks like they have dread-locks.  Total hippie-rockers :)


It usually takes a couple of years for all the hair to be ready to shed.  So you will see some of the sheep that look like they have wool {which a few do only have wool and no hair} but really they are just young katahdins waiting to mature.

Most of the sheep are also pregnant- very pregnant- right now.  We were hoping to have some lambs born before Baby Days, but we didn’t.  But by the looks of things, we should have quite a few to see during the other summer family & kid events we are having.  Right now the herd is eating, resting, and scratching their hair off on anything that can stand the jostling and pressure :)

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  1. 05.10.12 9:04 AM

    Our girls are shedding now too and they are looking ROUGH! It is soooo hard to resist the urge to “help” them get those big chunks off. Like peeling a sunburn :)

  2. 05.10.12 9:42 AM

    Do you just use the sheep for their hair? Or do you milk them too?

    • 05.11.12 6:31 PM

      We actually use our sheep only for meat. The hair of the Katahdins isn’t that good of quality, so we wouldn’t be able to sell it- unfortunately. But it is a lot easy having them shed instead of us paying or spending the time to have them sheared. :)

  3. 05.10.12 2:20 PM

    Love your blog…So funny… I live in the city and don’t know a thing about sheep, but I have a herding-type dog (a mutt) and I finally got around to taking him up to a border collie sheep herding trainer up north of town just yesterday and the type of sheep he had were that breed–Katahdin, he said they are a good, friendly breed for training the dogs. My dog showed he had the instinct, and we are going back Saturday to a herding clinic there to do it some more. Your sheep are beautiful! and I have to say– the trained border collies amazed me, what an amazing sight to see them work. Hope to get some pics of my townie dog learning more. I think he dreamt of sheep last night.

    • 05.11.12 6:29 PM

      Haha! I’m sure your dog did dream of sheep last night! What a great opportunity for you both. I’m glad you enjoy my blog! It is fun to share my life :) Hope the rest of the herding training goes well and is fun!

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