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Just about the time the sun has barely started to peak through the spring clouds, is when it is time to put out on pasture the first batch of broiler chicks.  Each batch of chicks is in the brooder for 3-4 weeks {mainly hinging on weather conditions and time of year}  Once the cute little fur-balls have grown all their feathers and started looking not-so-baby-cute, we load up the chicken crates on the wagon and take them out to their new home on the pasture.

I was coming back from a walk when I saw Mr. Farmer Jones and Willis loading up the crates.  I ran over to the brooder and started taking some pics with my phone.  I didn’t venture out to the field because there was too much lawn to be mowed ;)  But I have many other weeks to go capture a boiler chicken’s first experience on pasture.

{The white blobs on the left are the bottomless broiler pens.  Just behind them are the cattle.  To the left are the sheep and the layer hoop-houses.}

The boys had more than enough help though.

Mr. Tobias was the hero of the day.  He helped the boys put all the chicks out on pasture and made sure they were settled in nicely.  He’s such a big helper.

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