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{beautiful baby girl}


Little lady.  That is what we came home to after a special church service this Saturday.  A beautiful, healthy girl calf.  We were sitting at our table having some lunch, and as we looked out at the cattle in the field, there looked like a Mama cow who was uncomfortable.  She kept getting up and down and moving around.  It’s hard to explain, but you could just tell that she was in the beginning stages of labor- or if she wasn’t right then, she would be within a few days.


No more than an hour later, we looked back out in the pasture again and saw a small black and white calf bounding around the field.  We jumped up from the table, yelling ‘We have a baby!’ and headed for the field to get a closer look & check on Mama and baby.

Typically a calf {or lamb} is born on a cold, windy, snowy, hail & rain filled day.  It seriously never ceases to happen that way.  When we look at the weather forecast during calving and lambing season, we just see what day of the week is going to be the absolute worst and can usually expect there to be a new baby in the pasture.

But not this time!  Our first calf was born on one of the most perfect days of the year so far!  It was an incredible blessing and relief to us.  Everyone was excited about the new arrival and the good weather; probably Mama Dorcas was the happiest of us all though.

Tyler went out to check what sex the calf was and to put an ear tag on it.  Being the calf was so tired, and Mama Dorcas was as well, it was an easy task.

Once Mama and baby are rested over the next few days, the task of ear tagging is much more… exciting, shall we say ;)

Tyler moved the herd to the next paddock and Dorcas waited on one side of the fence while Tyler scooted the calf under to her mama.  Both are healthy & strong and doing quit well.  We pray the rest of calving goes as smoothly.


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  1. Dawn permalink
    04.16.12 8:44 PM

    congratulations! Good luck with the calves to come!

  2. 04.16.12 11:02 PM

    So exciting! She’s a beautiful little baby. Congratulations!

  3. Roberta Donaldson permalink
    04.17.12 8:07 AM

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to see mother and baby on Thursday. Thanks for the great pictures to see the happy moments.

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