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{cattle are back out on pasture}


A grand majority of our time recently has been spent focusing on the CSA details.  Though, our new full-diet, free-choice, year-round CSA addition {click here for all the info on our website} has most of our attention, there are still the daily tasks of the farm to be done- deliveries, moving animals, feeding animals, emails, phone calls, basic admin stuff, prepping things, etc.  The picture above is during a photo-shoot we were doing for one of our CSA advertisements- the cows were a little too helpful ;)

This week we moved from 1st to 2nd gear in the transition of ‘the busy season’.  We have two batches of broilers chicks in the brooder, layer chicks are getting hardened off in the brooder to head out to pasture, and we moved the herd of cattle out to the pasture.  Ever since I became a farmer, my reaction and thoughts about the weather have drastically changed.  Now I actually find myself wanting it to rain occasionally throughout the summer and I don’t just want the cold temperatures to raise because I’m tired of it, but because our vegetation and animals need it to be warmer to thrive.  So we looked at the weather, and as best we could predict, the weather was looking like ‘ok-weather-to-put-your-cattle-herd-back-out-on-pasture’.  Basically, it should be pretty typical spring weather- sun, spurts of hard showers, some sleet, more sun, a little wind all in a fifteen minute span of time.  Not too much of one thing at one time.

With the weather being our main decision factor, we also have other factors to consider.  The Mama cows are pregnant.  They should be calving sometime soon.  It is not good to calve in a barn, and especially if there isn’t optimal amount of space in the barn.  It is easier to have a dead calve in a barn {because it gets trampled or is too dirty} then it is on pasture.  So we were thankful to move the heard out on pasture- and they are thankful too.

They have been kicking up their heels and dancing around the pasture ever since we moved them out.  It is really wonderful to see them out there with the sheep and layers, doing what they do best; managing the pasture :)

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  1. 04.13.12 6:07 AM

    I love that photo – very “real”.

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