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{first batch of broiler chicks arrive}


Baby’s are so cute!  Anything tiny is!  Our fist batch of broiler chicks arrived last week!  This year we are getting our chicks from a local hatchery in Tangent.  These little cuties were hatched only a couple hours before they were delivered to us by one of the owners.

It is a long story as to why we hadn’t been getting chicks from an Oregon hatchery in the past, and I don’t want to bore you with the details now.  We are just thrilled to be buying locally now.  Previously, we were ordering from a hatchery in Northern California.  The chicks would be hatched one day and then flown via U.S. Postal Service to Portland and then to Corvallis.  This long trip left many of the chicks chilled, hungry, and thirsty.  We would put the chicks in the brooder- which really was more of an I.C.U. for the first couple of days.

When the chicks are chilled, you have to make sure they get warm under the lights.  You don’t want them to be too cozy under the lights and then not come out to eat and drink.  So you have to go check on them multiple times a day and night for the first few days they are at the farm.  We put warm water in the waterers for the first day, to help their bodies acclimate.  Because it feels nice a warm in the water, you also have to make sure that they don’t climb in the waterers and drowned, or once they are out you need to make sure they go under the lights to dry out.

Mr. Farmer Jones and I always joke that we feel like brand new parents when each new batch of chicks arrives.  Tyler and I are always jumping up from the table at meals, stopping mid-sentence, or just as we are falling asleep, saying ‘I need to go check on the chicks!’ The babies are always on our mind.

Here’s a video of the little cuties running around just after we put them in the brooder.  Don’t mind that I called them layers, they are actually broilers ;)

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  1. Dawn permalink
    04.11.12 4:55 PM

    I just never get tired of getting new chicks – we start with ours next month. This batch looks beautiful! Gotta say the “chick” gumboots are pretty cute too :)

  2. Roberta Donaldson permalink
    04.11.12 7:25 PM

    What a nice batch of new little chicks. Loved the video and that you were able to get them locally.

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