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We are a passionate group here.  We are passionate about the land we farm, the animals we raise, the food we produce, the people in our lives.  We have big dreams and big hopes for our farm.  I’m not talking about fame or fortune.  I’m talking about dreams and hopes of seeing community strengthened and folks nourished- in mind, body, and soul.  I’m talking about dreams and hopes of changing the way people think, feel, and live through the blood, sweat, and tears we put into this farm.

Our farm isn’t just a piece of land with buildings, livestock, and crops spread over it.  Our farm isn’t just the place we call our home and our place of work.  It’s so much more than that.

Tyler and I talk frequently about what we envision our farm’s purpose being; the direction we want to steer it, the end goal we picture it being.  Over the past few years we have slowly hammered out and articulated our dreams- both now and for the future.  We are inspired by so many people, farms, business, and the world at large around us.  Though we are ignited by these things, we realize that we are unique {probably in all senses of the word ;) }

At the OSU Small Farms Conference this past February, we heard some very inspiring speakers and attended informative break out sessions.  The main speaker, Kristin Kimball of Essex Farm, however, made us stop dead in our tracks and Tyler and I looked at each other after one of her sessions, and said ‘That’s it!’

As we listened to her talk about her farm, we realized at the same moment, that all the thoughts and plans and dreams of the past 3+ years converged into one place.  It was as though all of our battleships of ideas and desires were called in from sea to meet in one port.  An ‘a-ha!’ moment had struck the Captain after looking at all the maps, angles, and plans.  And he was now ready to send his fleet out as one with a battle mission that would conquer all.

Ok, that might be a little bit of an extreme analogy, but it was seriously a huge moment for us both.

We had been feeling like we had been putting a square peg in a round hole for some time.  We are incredibly inspired by Joel Salatin and since Tyler got a grand majority of his farming knowledge from Joel while at Polyface, it is no surprise that we follow his lead very closely.  Recently though, we realized we aren’t Joel Salatin {duh} and we aren’t Polyface Farm {double duh}.  We also aren’t any of the other farms, business, or people that we draw inspiration from.  So we started to write down who we are, what our farm is, and to decide where do we go from there.

After a solid 3 years of purposing in this direction, of finding out exactly who we are, what our farm is, and where we want to go, do, and be, we had finally started to come to some conclusions.  But that moment at the Small Farms Conference solidified everything.  Lightening struck.  And you haven’t been able to stop us since.

What we realized is the how of where we want change and where we want to go with our farm.  We don’t know exactly how it is going to play out or exactly how it will look each year {due to the unpredictability that is farming}, but we do have a pretty solid game plan and a stellar team to help implement it.

The main part of our game plan is the addition of a Full-Diet, Free-Choice, Year-Round CSA {Community Supported Agriculture}  We are so thrilled to be offering this to our customers, friends, and family!

Just because I haven’t been posting very frequently doesn’t mean I have been idle {not that you think that}.  We have all been researching, planning, crunching numbers, doing more research, designing, and have spent so much time on the computer I’m surprised my eyeballs haven’t dried up and fallen out of my head!  I just couldn’t spend another second on the computer to post- I hope you understand.  We have been working really hard and doing our annual ‘admin spring clean’- which means more hours in front of the computer screen and lots of time spent in the office.   Please go check out all our hard work over on the farm’s website, it’s still a work in process so check back frequently.  We have some exciting events throughout the year and you can also read all the details about our new Full-Diet, Free-Choice, Year-Round CSA.

We are all very tired, but extremely happy to share some of what we’ve been up to recently.  Hope you are just as excited!

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  1. Dawn permalink
    04.06.12 5:52 PM

    Wow, this is awesome…your plan on the website looks amazing. I wish you guys much success with this. Too bad I live in Canada, or I’d sign up right away!

  2. Frank Shepherd permalink
    04.06.12 5:58 PM

    Congratulations on the experience of that moment you just described. They’re far too rare, but precious, and sustenance for the soul. I hope that it nourishes and encourages you through the launch of the next phase. To Purpose.

  3. kyrie permalink
    04.06.12 7:45 PM

    I am just over the moon about this. If we could eat only food supplied by you, we would totally do it! You are amazing!! xo

  4. 04.08.12 8:23 AM

    I loved your description of that “aha” moment at the small farms conference.

  5. 04.08.12 11:31 AM

    I’m intrigued about the CSA–I’ve been sharing your story with friends and family the past couple years! Love to see you all taking the next step. My husband and I own a small music business so we know all too much about the struggles of existing and reinventing! Best–Marina

    • 04.11.12 1:37 PM

      Thanks Marina! And thank you for spreading the news about us :) We need it! We are excited for this change- though it is a little scary at the same time :)

  6. Roberta Donaldson permalink
    04.08.12 5:18 PM

    I’m so proud of you and Tyler. xoxo

  7. 04.15.12 9:32 AM

    I second your Mama’s comment! Keep up the good work, and remain flexible. The ability to recognize when flexibility is important is a key ingredient to a long-term, successful and relevant business strategy. You and Tyler are wise beyond your years. Love you both.


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