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{for the love of fat}


The Weston A. Price Foundation is a nutrition education non-profit.  They are best known for their “advocacy of whole foods and traditional cooking techniques using farm fresh, true organic ingredients. [They] educate the public on the nutrition research of Dr. Weston A. Price through the study of the diets of primitive populations around the globe and the benefits of buying local foods for their nutritional value”.   They say that they have found the answers to “what is a healthy diet”.

Nourishing Traditions is more than a cookbook.  I use if for education, research, information, and recipes.  The information in this cookbook is based on the research from Weston A. Price.  I make kombucha, kefir, soak my grains and beans, cook with organ meats, make bone-broths, and much much more from the recipes and advice in this book.  It has changed not only my mindset and overall health, but my life.  Seriously.  I used to be lactose intolerant and have had problems with digestion in general.  Once I started to live out the research and advice from Weston A. Price, I no longer have problems digesting dairy, I get sick less often, I sleep better, and I have seen improvements in other ‘problem areas’.

There are many other cookbooks and books {such as The Makers Diet by Jordan S. Rubin} in general out there that are also founded and based on the Weston A. Price research.  One that I would like to use more is Eat Fat, Lose Fat by Sally Fallon and Dr. Mary Enig.  I needed some blood work done last year and one thing they found was that my lipid levels were alarmingly low.  For my health I needed to start getting more of the right kinds of fats in my body.  There are two main diets in the Eat Fat, Lose Fat book, one is to actually lose weight and the other is to restore your body.  I haven’t done the full diet yet, but I am hoping to fully do the restoration diet this year.

Fat is so important for our bodies.  It benefits us in more ways than we realize.  The absence of good fats, and replacing them with manufactured & chemical based fats, has harsher effects than we realize or care to recognize.  I am no where near an expert in this {or any related} topic, nor is my mind remotely wrapped around the depth of this subject.  There are many experts in the field of food and one of them is Sally Fallon who is a wealth of knowledge.  Below, I have posted two videos of her talking about the importance of a healthy and balanced diet, and what that should actually look like.

I spent way too long looking through all of her videos and I learned so much!  She is inspiring.  I hope that you will also learn something from her.

We farm in the way that we do for many reasons.  Primarily, though for two reasons.  1) To give back more to the land then we take from it by managing it as Nature would naturally do with animals and no chemicals, additives, etc. and 2) to provide a truly healthy, nourishing, and restorative diet for our community.  There are many different opinions on what is “the best diet”, this is one option of many.  Also, this is one option of many that we use to inspire and help guide what end product we provide to our community.

Here’s to all of our health!

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