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{spring snow}


The spring snow in the Pacific Northwest has definitely been exciting.  We hadn’t checked the weather forecast very recently {which is usually a multiple times a day ritual} and so when we woke up yesterday morning to a 2 inch white blanket, we were a little surprised.

The first thing we think of when we wake to extreme weather is 1) are the sheep where they are supposed to be? 2) are the pigs where they are supposed to be 3) did the power go out and therefore are the brooder chicks still warm 4) does everybody have water? and 5) the day and it’s plan of attack, just dramatically changed.

Yesterday, the sheep were out; but they were still on our property just slightly farther North on the pasture than they were supposed to be.  We still don’t have permanent perimeter fence or gates to close off entry/exits to the property, so when an animal group gets out, it creates the feeling in your heart when you jump off a cliff or drop down on a roller-coaster.  You hold your breath, swallow hard, and pray that the worst scenario you are picturing is not going to be a reality.  We always anticipate getting a call that our sheep are munching away at the 9th hole of the Country Club golf course, which is not too far away from our farm.  Or that our pigs caused an accident on 53rd.  It hasn’t happened, and we are very thankful.

This morning we woke to more snow.  The sheep and pigs are still in their paddocks.  The cattle are in the barn.  The chicks are snuggled warmly in the brooder.  The power keeps flickering off and on {which is making for an extra challenging time in finishing this post ;) } Quite a few trees have fallen.  Some we were wanting to take down anyway, some that we are sad to see down.  Branches are breaking off every where, leaving some trees no longer with their beautiful shape.  One of our extra {and empty} shorter hoop-houses was crushed by the weight of the snow.  The pig shelter collapsed late yesterday, but thankful no pigs were injured or killed.  No buildings or power lines have been harmed and we still have power- and therefore water.  We are thankful.

{the white chicken has a flopped comb, so we call her Elvis}

Everything looks so much better when covered in snow.  We are trying our best to enjoy it in the present moment {which isn’t too hard} and not to look ahead at what work after the snow is gone awaits us :)

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{one of our favorite trees in the court yard had a major branch break off}

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  1. Roberta Donaldson permalink
    03.25.12 12:07 PM

    Oh Alicia, these pictures are beautiful. I love looking at them and seeing all your talent.

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