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{that time of year}


Having that overwhelming feeling of just too much to do is a constant feeling we have here.  Certain times it is stronger than others.  This time of year is the time of year when we make final plans, goals, revisions, and prepare for the coming year.  When a farmer says the term ‘year’ or ‘season’ it usually is a slightly different time-frame than the actual calendar year.  We use the ‘Farming Calendar’.  Just as there is the ‘Fiscal Year’, I think there should be a ‘Farmer’s Year’ :)

I thought it would be helpful to see a side-by-side comparison of the ‘typical’ calendar year to our calendar year {each farmers’ year is obviously different depending on what they are farming, but this is a pretty close outline for every farmer.}

{please forgive the formatting issues- I’m too tired and I need to make dinner}

So right now we are still in the winter season but quickly approaching the spring season- the beginning of our year.  All transition times are full of angst, excitement, stress, and anticipation.  I’m honestly feeling a bit overwhelmed with all we want/need to get done for this coming year.  But I know that we’ll get done with what we can.  We will work hard.  The things we don’t get done will move to another to-do list to accomplish at a later date.  The world will not end.  I have the opportunity to choose joy, in the midst of busyness.  And I will try my hardest to do that in each moment of each day :)

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  1. Connie permalink
    03.05.12 8:47 PM

    I enjoyed the comparison between the typical year and farming year. I just finished reading “The Dirty Life” by Kristin Kimball. Maybe you know it, if not, you might enjoy it! Then again, you might not want to read a farm life memoir as you are living your own. :) Blessings and good wishes as you begin the busy season, we’ll see you at the Corvallis market!

    • 03.06.12 11:00 AM

      I know “The Dirty Life” {both the book and real life} very well ;) I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Kristin came to the OSU Small Farms Conference a couple weeks ago and I got to meet her. She and I have a great deal in common- personality wise and married to crazy farmers {though her crazy farmer is a little more crazy than mine ;) } Looking forward to seeing you around AND at the Corvallis Market! Take care, and welcome to the neighborhood :)


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