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{crafting makes the world go ’round}


By far one of my favorite rooms in the Farm House, is my craft room.  It has the most amazing lighting, a lovey view of the field to the East, our front yard to the North, and part of the Oak Savannah to the West.  Aside from the wallpaper {which isn’t super bad, but not something I necessarily would have chosen} this room is perfect.

My Aunt {through marriage} Cynthia has outfitted me with all of my storage items and a fair amount of my actual craft supplies.  My super awesome Mother-In-Law has contributed countless ideas, antique tea and farm items, and enthusiasm.  And my dear Mother has given me the desire and passion of craft.  This room is filled with love.  It makes me proud.  It makes me smile from ear to ear.  It is where I envision having friends over for tea, creating, and good times.

And most importantly, this is my place.

After my Wednesday Wife post last week, I decided I needed to focus on something for me.  My craft room had become a place of storing all the ‘miscellaneous’ items that found their way into the Cottage.  With all of the random boxes and items and then after Christmas present wrapping, there was literally one little path way just to the desk chair.  I spent the remainder of last week de-cluttering and cleaning my space.  So, Craft Room Phase 1 {clean} is accomplished.  Let me take you on a brief tour of some of my favorite parts of my space.

Ribbons make packages that much more special.

My vintage wedding hats and sweet dress form {I want to collect more of both}

The sewing station.  Aunt Cynthia is a sewing goddess.  I already have her queued up to help me with two sewing projects, with many more to follow- I hope :)

Stitching is something I would like to do for a little something extra special to sell at the farm store some day.

My sewing throne.

This dish sits on my main work space and is one piece of this great antique tea set I got from an estate sale.  I keep fun old photos I find when salvaging/antiquing in it.

Fun little farm related items, that also sit on my desk.

Corks! I collect corks.  I have many ideas of fun craft projects that I will make awesome with corks {special thanks to Ian Hutchings from Luc Restaurant in Corvallis.  He gives me garbage bags full! :) }

This is definitely my favorite area in the room.  It looks out over the field- where I can watch My Man hard at work, providing for our family.

{be still}

This little rock, my Mom gave me in college.  It is something that is very challenging for me to do- be still.  I cherish this rock.  I keep it on my desk, and when my mind starts going a million-miles-a-minute thinking about things it just doesn’t need to be dwelling on, I hold this rock, close my eyes, breath, and let all those thoughts melt off of me, and then let the Lord fill me with Him.

I was so inspired by all the positive energy from cleaning my craft room that I actually started to hang things on the walls in the Cottage!!! For three years my walls have been bare!  But no longer.  This is just the beginning of our house becoming a home {and me probably feeling better about things in general- isn’t it funny how important home is?  And how when it is not representative of you and the things you love, it just sucks you dry?}

LOVE this space now!!!  The view from my breakfast, lunch, and dinner seat was so glum.  But now I can’t even focus on eating because this space makes me so happy now {and inspires me to finish painting that wall behind the cork board and add an electrical plate to the light switch- but you didn’t notice that ;) }

Thank you all for being such a great community to be apart of!  Vulnerably sharing about my adventures as a farmer’s wife has been more inspiring than I ever thought or hoped it would be for me.  I hope it has or will be the same for you.

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  1. Atsuko permalink
    02.08.12 8:01 AM

    Gorgeous! You have huge windows to look out and to receive natural sunlight. If I have a craft room like yours, I would escape there where I would be who I am. I cannot wait to see and hear your craft projects in future.

    • 02.10.12 2:29 PM

      All the windows are definitely my favorite! The room really does make me happy; especially because I can be fully myself. I just finished a new curtain for our front door last night. It seems that the creative juices are already flowing and I’m striking while the iron is hot :)

  2. 02.08.12 9:16 AM

    Alicia, YOUR room looks wonderful! Can’t wait to help you get some of those “to dos” done. So proud of you. And thanks so much for the wonderful conversation as you, Ella and I shared a meal. Family dynamics are ever-changing and open communication makes that ever-changing reality less frightening. Love you bunches! Aunt Cynthia

    • 02.10.12 2:32 PM

      Love you too Aunt Cynthia. I made a curtain last night. It turned out alright, but I will definitely need your help and tips for even basic sewing skills :)

  3. Denise Gaetz permalink
    02.08.12 11:21 AM

    I love your room! Sometimes when you work with your Man everyday, you need a space to call your own and a place to do what you love and gather things that are special to you. It reconnects you with you and it is important. You may not be able to spend a lot of time there but try to carve out a little time for yourself every so often, just to center yourself. It makes it much easier to work everyday with someone you love. I too have a craft room full of projects ( we call them winter sports), quilting, scrapbooking, cross-stitch, dried flowers and a ton more things that I want to do. Sometimes after a long day, I wander in and just look at my stuff, too tired to do anything but love just being surrounded by the pretty things.
    I have enjoyed your blog and totally understand the feelings you have been having. I look forward to hearing about your craft projects!

    • 02.10.12 2:38 PM

      Your advice to take the time for me is so important. And I’m realizing more and more just how important that is. I absolutely LOVE that you will just go to your room and do nothing but be surrounded by pretty things that make you happy! I do that sometimes, but have started doing it more and am amazed at how therapeutic it is! Hahaha! I love life’s simple pleasures :)

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