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Mud is absolutely everywhere!  It’s around the barn, it’s on the paved parking areas, it’s in the field, it’s around the brooder, it’s on our clothes, it’s on our boots, it’s in the homes, and it’s on doggie paws!

Due to the fact that the cattle are still in the field we are having to drive the tractor out there to feed them each afternoon.  This is causing the back of the barn to be more of a mud whole than usual.  I went out to take some photos of the guys working on the roof of the shed for the barn, and being it wasn’t rainy, Bula wanted to come along to check out the progress too.

Her reaction to being in the mud was very similar to her first time on grass when we adopted her 4 years ago this August.  She hadn’t been outside much at her previous owner’s place, because when she stepped on the grass {and in this case the mud} she looked very distressed, concerned, and helpless as she picked her paws up out of the foreign substance in disgusted.  I wish I had gotten a video, because it was the funniest thing to watch her reaction.  In the bottom right photo of the collage above, she was literally stuck and could barely pick her legs out of the thick, sticky goo.  So cute :)

Kavik loves to play and he especially thinks it’s fun to play with Bula.  She however, does not like playing with Kavik and finds being {playfully} tumbled and rolled across the floor after a giant paw comes {gently} out of no where isn’t very amusing.  For any by-stander, however it is quite humorous.

Once Bula sees that ‘Great Big Thing’, she immediately makes a bee-line to the nearest person to ‘save her’.  Here she is attempting to frighten Kavik with her wicked tongue.

After they sniff each other they start to mellow out and Kavik is somewhat satisfied to simply just be in Bula’s presence as they watch over the projects being done.

The guys finished roofing the shed late Friday afternoon.  We all feel pretty good about checking that part of the barn project off the to-do list.

Willis having to traverse some of the mud while bringing pieces of roofing to Tyler and Bradd.

My mom came down to help out with some of the tasks on my to-do list.  She was awesome and took all of our recycling back and cleaned out the side of our cottage.  Then the next day she and I scrubbed and cleaned my pantry!  I cannot begin to explain how good it felt to mark those two things off the list!  Thanks Mom!!

Everyone came out to take look at the progress of the barn.  Here Bula seems to be quite amazed at how agile Toby is at traversing the mud.

The mud really wares everyone out.  So Bula and Toby made their way back to the Cottage to take a rest.

But first I had to wash off those adorable little feeties and take some pictures.  Bula wasn’t happy about postponing going inside, but she is quite the camera-hog and didn’t seem to mind too much.  If only Toby were less camera shy… But he is a hound of mystery, and I think prefers keeping it that way.

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  1. Roberta Donaldson permalink
    01.30.12 2:05 PM

    Great photos. Glad the barn roof is done. I loved being able to help out.

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