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{i am the queen}


{the cottage bathrooms}

Being the Queen of this fair land leaves me feeling like Cinderella most days; though I have an awesome hunk of a King that helps me be better than I think I can be, that encourages me, loves me unconditionally, pulls way more than ‘his half’, and is always impressing me with his physical, mental, and emotional strength.

I used to dream about how great it was going to be to clean floors, toilets, kitchens, do the laundry, organize cupboards, take the trash and recycle out, decorate, manage a household and family, and to maintain the yard and other small outside duties when I was doing all these tasks in the home that I owned versus my parents home or the places I lived in college.

Oh how incredibly foolish I was!

{these are all photos of the, mostly, current state of the cottage. it was a huge thing for me to show you all my home because it is no where near what i envision it or want it to be- but this is a vulnerable post, so it fits ;) }

It doesn’t get better, and any glamor I thought was going to be there definitely isn’t.  It gets harder, because you are the one not only responsible to clean up, but you are also the one responsible for the messes!  ;)

I honestly am not trying to get any pity here, but I do think that I would feel slightly less overwhelmed with my domestic duties if we had owned a cute bungalow on a 2-acre property and I had eased into the role of wife, helper, farmer, home owner, adult…{well, at least I tell myself I would feel better if it were that way}

{our upstairs living room}

Though Tyler helps me in so many ways around our homes, and even the guys who work here help out where they can, I am still responsible {and desire, choose, and truly like to be responsible} for ruling the domestic part of our Kingdom.

Here’s the run down of what my domestic responsibilities are:

–       clean, organize and maintain the 1200 square foot Cottage {this is where my King and I live now}

–       the primary cleaner, organizer and maintainer of the 2000 square foot Farm House {clarification 1: Willis, one of our paid staff members and Tyler’s right hand man, lives in the Farm house right now, Loaded for Bear practices there, and some of our other friend’s who have helped out on the farm have also stayed there.  So they have all done their part of cleaning and dirtying the place ;) Clarification 2: Our plan is to eventual live in the Farm House.  This will more than likely happen farther in the future than either Tyler or I would choose, but we love dreaming about how it will be}

–       plan, prep, and cook the meals.  Breakfast and most dinners are just the King and I, lunches, snacks, coffee, and treats are provided for some and all staff members on most days

–       keep things tidy in and around the Cottage {separating personal, farm, and others’ mail, putting left tools away, washing coolers and trays when they get forgotten, putting farm clothes, boots, and gloves in proper places when the guys are too busy and tired after a long day}

–       weekly laundry for our personal items and all farming related items {towels, rags, aprons, table clothes, etc}

–       keeping up with small yard chores around the Cottage {this happens WAY less than I would prefer}

–      garden organization {right now, one of my amazing brother-in-laws is the main garden man.  I have hopes to not just manage others in the work, planning and prep of our garden, but that I will take the reins.}

–      keep the farm stocked with certain items it needs to function {zip lock bags, paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, farm store items, honey jars, laundry supplies, etc}

–     managing and overseeing all things related to the farm store.

–     designing, creating, printing, and organizing things that are needed for farm administration.

{the princess room- guest room #1}

I could honestly list more, but it would be only to help me see the reality of why I do get so overwhelmed each day and each week, more than it would help you see what my days consist of.  I think you get the gist of what it means to be the woman ruler of this place.  And parents especially can relate in the feeling of once you clean or organize something it only lasts 5-60 minutes before someone tromps through the house or uses something ;)

{the dance studio- guest room #2}

I truly am the Queen of this homestead.  It is a high calling.  There are great responsibilities.  The tasks at hand are numerous and taxing- mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  It does require good management, foresight, will-power, discipline, and patience.

{we've done some work on the place, and I am hoping to finish up main decorating things this year- but we'll see how that goes; I'm optimistic ;) }

As I type this all out, in a sort of stream of conscientiousness like I use to have to do in school, I realize how much I truly love the role of Queen.  This role has been so challenging, and it and I seem to require daily battles to put us each in our proper place, and bring reality to the forefront of the issue.  I believe it is this way due to the fact I came here as a peasant girl, fell in love with the King, and changed in a blink of an eye and what was demanded of me, my role in society, and what I felt equip to do was something so foreign to me.  As foreign as it all has been, I can honestly say that my heart’s desires are being fulfilled- and beyond.  I may have imagined how they would be fulfilled in a completely different scenario, but we aren’t meant to write the map of our lives, simply to be who we were created to be and live in that manner to the fullest of our ability, while letting the course unfold before us.

{what I want our house to look like}

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  1. Sheri permalink
    01.25.12 7:10 PM

    i love your little cottage!! especially the kitchen/dining :) i really enjoy hearing about the farm life that you lead because it’s something i dream of too…and you do it very well from where i sit!!

    • 01.26.12 9:05 AM

      Thanks Sheri! :) I like the cottage too and am really excited to do some minor tweeks to make it feel more like our personal home :)

  2. 01.25.12 8:45 PM

    Thanks for sharing, Alicia. You have encouraged me to share about our upcoming transition of taking over my husband’s parents’ house that is a 1911 Craftsman style home and in need of a lot of repairs and updates. In addition to all of this we are putting in our urban homestead and stretching out in that avenue. With all of the overwhelming decisions and responsibilites (as well as possibilities) I find myself feeling excited for this upcoming season. I just keep reminding myself that, “life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” Good luck! Oh, and I love your vision for the cottage :-)

    • 01.26.12 9:10 AM

      It makes me so happy to hear that, Bethany! Looking ahead to something you know will be new and a lot of work can definitely be daunting; especially because you know there will be a lot of unknowns. I am glad that you feel encouraged to step into this new life. I hope that you are able to enjoy it all- the ups, downs, and everything in between :)

  3. 01.26.12 3:32 PM

    You have a beautiful home. I love driving up the driveway of your farm, what an amazing place you have. Everything takes time. If you ever need any help please email me, I need to focus on something to keep my brain occupied.

    • 01.27.12 5:01 PM

      Thank you so much for the kind words and for the offer of help. You are so right, everything takes time. I need to continually remind myself of that each day. We are hoping to have volunteer days throughout the year that would be great for you to come to. I’ll let people know here, on the website, and through email. :)

  4. 01.29.12 12:13 AM

    I just found your blog, and I have to say that I just loved your post about what you have versus what you want and that you are okay with it…for now….. I am learning the details are in the journey… I am far from where I thought life would take me, but I know that there is something to be learned and appreciated! I hope you ca accomplish all your dreams and goals, our pictures of what you desire are beautiful ad exactly what I would want ad do when and if I ever get my farm house.

    Many happy dreams.

    • 01.30.12 9:02 AM

      I’m glad you found me- and that you like what you’ve found ;) I totally agree that it is about the journey. So often easier said than lived out. I’m working on truly choosing to enjoy the journey in each day, and if I’m having an especially rough day, to stop fighting it and take a ‘break’ from whatever has my panties in a twist and do something that will make me be able to enjoy the day. All the best to you on your own journey.

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