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{the perfect side dish}



I have found the thing that goes best with a nice juicy warm pork roast is a good healthy portion of Loaded For Bear music.  It’s not necessarily the first thing that typically would come to mind to add to your meal; but let me tell you the complex arrangements that come from this local band are the perfect seasoning to any Afton Field Farm meal.  I fell in love with their music three base players ago, and my cooking hasn’t been the same since! {Yep, Mr. Farmer Jones was a rock star before he made a career change to farming}


Whisk up a honey-mustard sauce to drape your chicken in and stuff the cavity full of garlic while you marinate in the lyrics, rhythm, and addictive instrumental composition in Loaded For Bear’s newest hit single, Widow Maker from their newest album, The Exit Carnival.  {my personal fav on this album}

The Exit Carnival has the perfect mix of sweet and savory tunes; and the more you hear, the more you want- the more addicted you become.  Winter of our Discontent is the perfect pairing to pork spare ribs.  The energetic sequence of notes has the ability to emphasis whatever marinade you have wrapped the ribs in, while the intricate mosaic of words develop with each bite you take and makes you pause, contemplate life, and some how answers all your questions.




To help with your at-home cooking needs, Loaded For Bear can be heard and downloaded for free on Band Camp, while also being stalked on their blog and Facebook pages. I have a great advantage in that the band practices at our house- well, the Farm House, not the Cottage that Tyler and I live in now- so I get to stalk them in person as I do my laundry, rack my leaves, AND cook my meals.  I really owe most of my domestic success to them.

But if you really want to develop your cooking skills and need to be inspired then you MUST see them LIVE and wear a Loaded For Bear t-shirt!!!  My meals literally have gotten leaps and bounds better by going to their shows, as well as pumping the jams through my speakers while cooking at home in my Loaded For Bear t-shirt. I wear mine so much Mr. Farmers Jones has started giving me money to go buy another style of Loaded For Bear shirt.  McMinnemans White Eagle  in Portland will be hosting a rad compilation of artists on the 21st and Bombs Away in Corvallis will be rocking on the 27th.  I’ve been needing to brush up on some cooking skills and desperately need to be inspired, so I’ll be at both shows for sure!  Will you!?!  Actually maybe you shouldn’t go or wear their rad t-shirts and buy merch from them.  I don’t want your meals to be better than mine!

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