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Today is a typical Monday. Lots of thoughts, planning, feelings of being overwhelmed, dreaming, hoping…

At these moments, I have learned that it is better for me to leave the farm, grab some hot tea, the Bible, my journal, and a good book or magazine and head to a serene place of solitude.

Have a peace-filled Monday, soaking in the beauty of winter.

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  1. Liza permalink
    12.12.11 4:56 PM

    Dear Alicia,

    I hope you have had your time today to rest and dream and recall what God’s promises are to you ~ Psalm 20:4. Take time to pause, to have an “aha” moment today and to sort through all the “overwhelmingness” that can accumulate and remember you can always ask for help.

    Happy Monday to you, whom I admire reading about and love reading what you have to share.


    • 12.21.11 8:15 PM

      Thank you Liza! I truly appreciate your comment. I realize in the moments that I am honest and vulnerable- even on the blog- it brings peace from Him. Thank you, truly.

  2. michelle permalink
    12.14.11 9:59 AM

    Alicia, I am becoming so obsessed with looking at your blog…so interesting to read about your life on the farm. Keep em coming! The pictures are great as well. Say hello to your family for me.

    • 12.21.11 8:14 PM

      Thanks Michelle! I will definitely say hi to my family for you; please say hi to yours! I LOVE your wedding photos! You are a beautiful bride and wife. Hope our paths cross sometime again- if not at the 10 year reunion!! haha we are old! :)

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