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{turkey time- again!}



always seem to debate about posting pictures of a live animal instead of a recipe when trying to market a product.  But the more I thought about it, the more I thought ‘Why should I feel like I need to hide or diminish what is really on your plate?’  If you are an omnivore, you are eating at certain times, something that used to be a live animal.  I take great joy in being able to sell someone a pork roast, or steak, or turkey that I know has had the best life we could give it.  I love connecting people to their food.  It is an intimate thing, eating, and it should be something that is not taken lightly.

Let me introduce you to your Christmas turkey!

{Yep!  We are offering Christmas turkeys this year!  Email us to sign up and get more details- hurry, because fresh turkeys are available for pick up Friday Dec. 9th at the farm- by PRE-ORDER ONLY!}

From the time your turkey arrived at the farm as a wee poult {that is a baby turkey} it has been an integral part of the team.

He has been playing with his turkey friends in the brooder and even learning how to be the best he can be from his more mature broiler chicken mentors.

As he grew up, big and strong, he left his home in the brooder and headed out to the pasture with all his buddies.

Your turkey, scratched at the ground, ate slugs, worms, legumes, forbes, grass, various other forage, and his favorite snack, grasshoppers.  He gained weight at a healthy rate, converted his feed more efficiently, and therefore will give you more delicious lip-smacking enjoyment at the table.  Because your turkey had the opportunity to live and eat out on pasture, make sure to thank him for having a far lower saturated fat level than his conventionally-raised cousins.

Your turkey started out in the brooder, giving him enough time to grow strong healthy feathers and muscles so he would be able to handle the outdoor elements.

He then joined his broiler chicken friends in the portable bottomless {Joel Salatin style} shelters for a few more weeks until he got so tall and strong that he could no longer fit in the pen without knocking the lid off or knocking his pen mates out with his huge wing-span.

After leaving the broiler chickens, your turkey made his way to go hang out with the fair ladies of the field.  They clucked and gobbled and had a grand ol’ time.

Your turkey plays well with others.

Your turkey is social and is always on the look out for how he can use his natural born instincts to better the farm.  He prefers to be with the other poultry on the place, but he loves being able to follow behind the sheep and cattle, scratching through the grass and cow-pies for fly larva to nourish him and sanitize the pasture for the other animals.

With all the animals working together in a beautiful symbiotic relationship, they, and your turkey were never pumped with antibiotics, hormones, or steroids.  They weren’t surrounded in fecal air or artificial light.  They are instead enhanced with natural sunlight, natural vitamins, fresh air, and clean pasture paddocks and are in small groups, giving everyone plenty of all the good stuff.

Your turkey was taken care of well all the way to the end.  He was butchered in a human way and processed with loving hands.

Your turkey was raised in a healthy manner and therefore you can be more healthy yourself.  Enjoy knowing your food.  Knowing the people who raise and grow it.  Come and visit if you like.  All the animals are very friendly and love to see the people that all their energy and efforts will nourish and bless one day.

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  1. Roberta Donaldson permalink
    12.08.11 8:09 PM

    I loved our Thanksgiving turkey and now looking forward to our Christmas one. Thanks for growing such great birds.

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