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{toodaloo timms- thanks for everything scott & jenni}


Having just said good-bye to Matt and with the rush of Thanksgiving, it seems like the winter hasn’t entered it’s presumed slower speed.  The work days themselves have shortened due to lack of daylight, but we have had just as much to juggle and think through.

One recent event in particular has occupied our minds and schedule.  Scott and Jenni Timms, the amazing couple that has been here with us for eight months, ended their time at Afton Field Farm this past week.

Scott and Jenni sacrificed and risked a great deal as they sold their home in Texas {another ‘Great State’ that invaded our humble abode} and moved to Oregon to see if they wanted to farm for a living.  It is with great joy and pride that Tyler and I can say that the Timms’ have decided to farm for a living just down the I-5 corridor from us.  Folks in Eugene, get excited for a stellar duo to be providing you with not only delicious and healthy products but ones that are also raised in a manner to stand behind!

We are so thankful for all the effort these two put into the success and growth of our farm for the eight months they were here.  With all the events we had this past year, there was never a moment that we weren’t ‘sprucing’ something up, preparing for the next thing, and accomplishing projects that helped build the face of Afton Field Farm {like painting all the out buildings}

Similar to the dear ol’ Beavers football team, it was a building year ;)  Most of the time we felt like chickens running around with our heads cut off and the team felt like pigs lazying in the hot afternoon sun in a perfectly muddy wallow.  But we look back as we enter the slower paced season on the farm, and I am so thankful for all the people that were here, that became dear friends, that I learned a great deal from, and all the things that were accomplished; not necessarily on our to-do lists or even really seen other than in our character and souls.

I am thrilled to not have to say a tearful good-bye to Scott and Jenni being they will be so close- and will come up often to visit our favorite local pub, Block 15, and we can grab a pint with them :)  I hope our friendship will only get stronger as we grow as individual farmers working for the same goals for our Valley, friends, neighbors, and Nation.

Scott and Jenni are animal lovers.  Even on the last night they were here, Jenni admitted that she just needed one last little animal snuggle :)  They formed great bonds with the many different animals.  Being my technology-karma kicked in and erased ALL my photos {from Lightroom- which is what I use to store/edit photos now with my new camera} of the time that the Timms’ were here, I don’t have pics of all their animal friends, nor as many of the shots that I had of them- which were a lot of great ones!  {I’m still not over it fully- as you might be able to tell being I keep mentioning it on various posts.}  Most are phone photos or the serene shots by Shawn Linehan.

But here are a couple of dear-friends that I hope will bring back good memories.  206, the dear sheep that we could never actually rename because 206 just seemed to fit.

Russel Crow was one of many adopted roosters at the farm that the Timms’ bonded with during their twice-daily chore visits down to the layers in the field.  Russel Crow really liked Trudy {Gertrude- the patron saint of cats} and they nightly would hang out together on either side of the window sill.

Among many valuable and nice opportunities the crew got while here, they got to follow the awesome band Blitzen Trapper around the farm on their album photo shoot by Tyler Kohlhoff {who was also one of the guys behind the art show that we and other working people were featured in, Exhibit B}.  It was cool to be able to let the crew chill with one of their favorite Oregon-based bands.  I honestly didn’t know who they were before they showed up at the farm, but Scott has excellent music taste and opened my musical mind to the sweet tunes of Blitzen Trapper. {I’ll get you that Keisha-postAmericanDream-mix soon Scott}

Learning the art of pruning an orchard by Bradd The Rad Dad {aka: Tyler’s Dad}

Garden prep!

Testicle removal- not a glamorous task, but a necessary one.

We will miss you Scott and Jenni!  We are thankful for your time here and that we got to know you- and will continue to build and strengthen our friendship.  You were extremely valuable to us and we pray that your dreams would come true, your skills would be sharpened, that your time here would have equipped you- even in the slightest ways- and that our farming paths cross many times over the coming years.  You are forever part of the Afton Field Farm Family!

THE crew {minus Toby and Trudy}- all fancy

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  1. Dana Manion permalink
    12.05.11 10:54 AM

    This is so nice – Scott and Jenni will miss ya’ll, too … and I want to say “thank you” for taking them in and showing them the ropes . . . this mom took comfort in knowing they were following their dreams and making good friends at the same time!

  2. Roberta Donaldson permalink
    12.05.11 5:08 PM

    Scott and Jenni,
    I will miss you when I come to visit at the farm.
    So glad to have gotten to know you.
    Good luck on your new adventure.

  3. Michael permalink
    01.05.12 12:40 PM

    Very nice … they’re going to farm near Eugene? I would like to get on an e-mail list for when products/farm visits will be available.

    Thanks to all of you who are dedicating your lives to farming this way.

    • 01.05.12 7:50 PM

      Hi Michael, I will pass your email along to the Timms. Currently we have a Buying Club in Eugene that you could join {email us at mail{at}aftonfieldfarm{dot}com to join} until the Timms start up or to supplement what they don’t have. They are wonderful people and you will be pleased to work from them. Happy eating! :)

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