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{end of an era- thanks for everything matt}



r. Matthew Parker.  I don’t know even where to begin; too many memories to just share a few.  He is a dear friend, and will remain one for a lifetime.  He taught me not to take myself, or the farm, or my day, or my OCD organizational style too seriously.  I learned some good fashion tips and dance moves to add to the ol’ tool belt; though they may never be seen in public.  I hope, well I actually have a pretty good hunch, that he left with some pearls of wisdom as well.  He definitely knows how to balance the fall football schedule {go Hawkeyes!} with the farmers’ market schedule and he especially knows just the right type of lovin’ to make a corgi the best he can be.  He knows how to bring into the world a lamb named Dougie,  castrate calves and lambs like a man, how to wear a sexy brush popper that makes all the ladies swoon, and how to sport a mustache like a true Western cowboy {thank you Mr. McKibben}.

I know for sure that he also learned how to pick up the slack around the farm a time or two ;)

And he had to fight his way to the top of the food chain, but he made it, one by one.

He worked really hard.  I’m glad we can be given the credit for his man-muscles.

I’m going to miss all the laughs.  His humor is one that makes you pee your pants- numerous times in a 10 minute window.  I’ll miss our smoking breaks over a warm cup of jo when we {mainly him} are barely awake and after a good time at American Dream on the bosses or a show at Cloud 9 ;)  I’ll even miss the button pushing- truly, I will miss it because it has made me a better person.  He will call you out on the little things that you think no one else notices, but will do it in such a way you just want to cry and give him a hug afterward.  He truly cares.

Thank you Matt.  For everything.  For all you gave, all you sacrificed, for us and the farm.  We appreciate your time with the animals.  Getting to know them and teaching them sunsalutations, how to breath correctly, and downward dog to keep them nice and relaxed, resulting in the most tender meat in the Northwest.

“To good times and good friends”.  Cheers Matt!


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