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{back and better than ever}


Mr. Farmer Jones and I got to spend the rest of our time in Europe {and our third wedding anniversary} on a romantic trip to Paris & Colmar, France and Prague, Czech Republic.  The time with just the two of us was much needed and we enjoyed every minute of it!

I got the idea for this anniversary picture from Pinterest. {you can follow me if you’d like- just click this button Follow Me on Pinterest} I gave up editing any of the photos while on this trip.  I have a lot to learn about editing, but I’m hoping I can edit this picture {or one of the other versions} into what I’m imagining in my mind- it’ll be a good little project for me to work on ;) I’m holding a number 3- to signify what anniversary year it is.  Cute, I know ;)

Paris is truly a romantic city.  When people get married they put a lock on one of many bridges, with the date of their matrimony.

We had a great time in Paris, but our favorite time was in Colmar, a quaint town southeast of Strasbourg, France.

It had the best cappuccinos, hands down, than any other place we visited.  And believe me, I had my fair share of good capps. I’m thinking of making the little ice cream cone a definite addition to my coffee time in the morning.

The whole trip was pretty full of site seeing, but in Prague we slept in, took leisurely walks, and one time hung out in our amazing room for a whole day and just got room services.   I never even took off my pajamas.  It was glorious!

We are now officially back in the States.  We were so thankful for this amazing gift from my parents to be able to see breath-taking sites and to have the much needed physical, emotional, and mental break.

With renewed energy and perspective, it feels great to be back.  Back to the planning, work, friends, family, and animals.

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  1. 11.16.11 8:57 PM

    that ice cream cone thing is pretty awesome! and I love the locks…what a cool idea. i need to go back to Paris to see that. :)

    • 11.17.11 11:58 AM

      A trip to Paris to see the locks is definitely worth it- convince Keith of that and you can succeed at anything you put your mind and efforts to ;) I’m craving one of those cones and a capp right now! I’ve got to figure out how to make the coffee flavored whipped cream in it- delish!!

  2. 11.20.11 8:20 AM

    What beautiful pictures! So happy you made so many great memories. I didn’t know it was your 3rd wedding anniversary! Glad you are home! Hope to see more photos and home decor finds :-) some day soon!

  3. 11.20.11 8:21 AM

    BTW I love the tea pots in the window!

  4. Erin C permalink
    04.10.12 8:05 AM

    Hi Alicia, Do you recall the name of the cafe you had the cappuccino with the little ice cream cone? My husband and I are heading to Paris next week for our 3rd year anniversary, and we’ve heard it is hard to come by good coffee there! (Or was that in Colmar that you had it?)

    • 04.11.12 1:42 PM

      Hi Erin! Have SO much fun in Paris!! It is truly a romantic city. We had the cappaccino with the ice cream cone in Colmar. Colmar is actually the town we had the best coffee of the whole trip. If you can make a day trip there, it is worth it! If you do end up heading to Colmar, the cafe was one right on the canal in Little Venice. I can’t remember the name of the cafe. But google image search Colmar and the main image of the bridge and canal is where the cafe is. It’s on the right had side of the canal. Sorry that’s not very clear, but let me know if you need more specifics and I’ll try to dig up the name ;) Have a wonderfully romantic trip, with or without the cute little ice cream cones with your coffee ;)

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