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{mother’s day on the farm}


Quite a few of the mammas on the farm are to be celebrated on this Mother’s Day weekend.  Like I’ve mentioned before, spring is the time of the most cuteness on the farm.  Lambs and calves are born, little chicks arrive each week, and wiley weener pigs arrive a couple times a month.

I have yet to see a birth in action.  I did get to see and document Matt and Scott help get a stuck lamb out of it’s mamma {which I realize I never did share about that here- maybe I’ll have to do that} but that was different than seeing nature takes it’s course.

Remember Muffin?

Due to the fact that we are dear friends, Muffin knew just how desperately I wanted to see the miracle of a Mamma giving birth.  We had had many talks about this desire of mine as the baby calf grew inside of her.

Then the other day, when Tyler went to check on the cows at the other property near us, he saw that Muffin was starting contractions.  He called me and told me to get my shoes, grab my camera, and be ready because he was coming back to the farm to pick me up and take me out to see Muffin give birth.

When we got there Muffin was more or less off by herself, pacing, and the rest of the herd was respectfully giving her some space, grazing and watching.

We waited for about 40 minutes while Muffin paced, lay down, get up and start pacing again, then lay down again.  Then she started to push, for a half an hour.  She pushed until her beautiful, healthy, strong baby was born!

Here is a video of the last couple of minutes of the labor if you would like to see a calf being born.

It was the perfect day to be born! Sunny, warm, and dry.  It is absolutely amazing to me that only after a couple minutes of being born and the Mom has cleaned him off a little, a calf will try with all it’s might to stand on it’s shaky and rubbery legs to go and find it’s mamma’s udder to feed!  Those natural instincts are absolutely incredible to me!  You can do nothing but stand in awe.

Thank you to all the Mom’s out there, for all you have given to your children!  Enjoy being pampered, respected, thanked, and loved this weekend as you and your most important role in life, are celebrated.

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  1. 05.07.11 9:12 AM

    There is just nothing like those baby livestock in the spring. Congrats to all – especially momma Muffin.

  2. Suzanne Parrish permalink
    05.15.11 6:14 PM

    All I can say is Wow. I’ve never witnessed a birth of any kind, and it IS awe-inspiring. That cow just jumped right up like she wasn’t even winded. Though maybe a tad yucky, I’ll bet there are nutrients in the placenta(?) that get recycled back to the calf as it suckles. Nature is very cool, and obviously knows what she’s about.

    • 05.30.11 11:44 AM

      Thanks for enjoying my stories through the blog! I appreciate your comments. There are many nutrients in the placenta. It is amazing how the animals know what they need and eat accordingly. Thank you also for the book recommendations- they sound interesting. Take care, and again, thank you for stopping by :)

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