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{frozen chicken sale!}


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  1. rainsheep3 permalink
    04.29.11 7:40 PM

    We have enjoyed your blog and wish your family and farm the best of success. It is very clear your love of farming, the animals that you care for and that rely on you. You are the next generation that will lead agricultural reform in the United States. Keep up the great works!

    Most sincerely,
    Kirsten, Rita, Adrian, Zane and Kieran
    Rain Sheep in Albany, Oregon

    • 05.02.11 10:49 AM

      You are so kind to say that! I cannot express how much those words were needed and touched my heart today! Thank you!! I hope that we will get to meet you sometime, being our farms are so close :) All the best to you and your farming endeavors as well!

  2. The Porters permalink
    05.03.11 9:06 AM

    We’d love to order some frozen chicken from you guys, but I doubt there’s any way to get it to us across the country! I’ll pass the info onto our family there in Oregon though. Guess we’ll just have to buy some Amish poultry here. ;)

    We miss you guys and think about you often. The offer is still open for you guys to visit DE anytime you’re available. I (Randi) hope to be back on the west coast in the next couple of months and would love to catch up with you more then. Love you! -Randi & KJ

    • 05.06.11 10:25 AM

      I wish we could get chicken to you too- or better yet have you over for a chicken dinner :) Thanks for spreading the word to your Oregon family members though! We miss you and think of you both often too! If we are ever on the East Coast while you are still there, we will definitely try our hardest to come visit! Love you guys! Hope you are doing well!

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