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{more guinea hogs}


Until the guinea hogs are ready to go into the woods, they will be in a cozy little area in the barn where they run around, play, sleep, and poop.

These are some of the photos of these mini-pigs getting acquainted with their new home.


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  1. Dana Manion permalink
    04.09.11 2:15 PM

    I think they may be cuter than the chicks . . . it’s a close call . . .

  2. Atsuko permalink
    04.09.11 6:05 PM

    The hogs look very anxious in such a cute way. Capturing the curious dog is the truely Kodak moment! It seems the dog wants be friend with hogs;) Love, love, & love your pictures. Thank you so much for sharing your new chapter with guinea hogs on the farm!!

  3. 04.10.11 2:37 PM

    They’re so cute!

  4. Joseph permalink
    04.20.11 7:49 PM

    Hey H/G, :)

    It’s always great to see the pictures of the goings on, of the farm. Your pictures are always so perfect! You really capture the moment. Thanks for blessing us with all the pictures.

    Are those the new ‘volunteers’? You’ll have to introduce them to us.
    The picture of Tobb’s is hilarious! He doesn’t look like he too interested in the pigs, just enjoying being held. That’s the life!

    Stay encouraged!


    • 05.02.11 10:47 AM

      Hey Josie!! :)

      It is good to hear from you! Thank you for your encouraging words! I appreciate them so much.

      The pictures are probably starting to look better because I got a super nice new camera- which helps make everything look so much better ;) I do need to introduce the volunteers!

      We look forward to seeing you soon!

      BPS! :)

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