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{the pig pen}


Your support and encouragement during this very exciting week of publications for us and other young farmers has been wonderful!  Thank you all!  There was even a bill passed this past week, that we and other farmers have been working hard to get passed, regarding poultry processing.  It has been an exciting week indeed!

On the animal front, there has been much excitement with both the piggies and the lambs.  I’ll share about the arrival of new rooters to the pig pen first and save all the sheep news for a later date.

We receive anywhere from 9-30 weener hogs each month.  I know, it’s quite the range of little oinkers. But it keeps us on our toes and our minds sharp by having to plan a head, prep well, and be flexible.

It also helps me put into practice those deep breathing exercise I learned in my yoga classes to keep me calm during those activities that need more flexibility ;)

To get ready for all these curly-Q tailed cuties, we had to make a pig pen down in our forest, on the West end of the pasture.

We purchased this hoop house and the men set it up in the clearing of the woods.

Farmer Jones is quite the multi-tasker.  Though, there has definitely been more than one occasion where someone near him has to restrain themselves from tackling him and crushing that cell phone on a near by stump, rock, or other hard object.

Once the pen area was in place, some of the first batches of piggies christened the ground, and then straw was strewn- and continues to be added to a few times a week or as needed, to keep the area nice and fresh.

Some of the pigs we go and pick up with our truck; others we pick up or are dropped off from a trailer.  We then unload them from the back of the truck or trailer.

When the piggies get large enough we move them from their pig pen into the oak grove we have on the West side of our property.  Being we are getting so many batches of pigs each month, we are looking for more oak groves to use near us so everyone can get their fair share of nuts, bugs, and grubs.

It’s hard not to get excited when a new batch of these cuties shows up!

{to see all the photos click here}


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  1. Atsuko permalink
    03.12.11 1:37 AM

    Very exciting to see the place where your piggies are raised. It is very spacious and clean! I hope more and more farmers will raise their pig at the place like yours. Thank you for sharing your farming life to the public. What an education! I feel I am getting educated as I read your blog.

    • 03.12.11 4:32 PM

      I am so happy to hear that you are learning something from me! I love sharing our life and our rhythm, and it brings me true joy to hear that people aren’t only enjoying it themselves but also learning from it :)

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