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{chicken brooder- as of today}


The fellas have been working hard, through the sun, rain, hail, snow, freezing rain, and wind, to get the framing finished for the new brooder.  It all started with getting the ground prepped and the concrete poured.  Bradd slaved away at precisely placing each cinder block for the lower portion of the wall.  Now there has been a small team of mighty men (and dogs, of course) constructing the framing portion of the walls.

They constructed the wall in the middle of the concrete pad and then we had to recruit more strong muscles to help lift the 80 foot long (heavier then it looks) wood frame.

To hold the wall in place while Tyler and his dad went around and hammered in the supports, we needed as many helpers as we could find ;)

I got a lot of good snap shots of this whole process so far, way too many to post each one, so below is one of those glorious slideshows:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


They worked like little engines that could all day.

Everyone was real tuckered by the end of the day.  But we were out to welcome the gorgeous and stunning moon; just like we were there to welcome the sun the next morning ;)

I didn’t get any photos of today’s accomplishments but the men finished the sheathing to get ready for the roof!!!  I’ll take a break from quickbooks, organizing the office, and other in-home chores to take photos of the roof going on for sure!

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