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I have been doing some sprucing up and reorganizing of the ol’ blog.  With the clean up, some things will be changing around and getting a new ‘home’.  Because of that I am re-posting some older general information about the farm.  You can scroll back through to see the first five of the re-posts.

This re-post is about our cattle.  At the time I made this post we didn’t have beef cattle on our farm, only a dairy cow and steer.  Now we don’t have the dairy cow but we do have beef cattle.  We only had our milking team for a short time.  We realized that having to be tied to the farm in such a way to take care of the dairy chores was simply too much for us right now.  We are hoping that we will have our own dairy cow(s) again in the future- just not the near future ;)





Ruby is our milk cow.  She is fantastic!  She has the greatest personality- she’s a little fireball at times and it cracks me up!



Rocky was here with us while Ruby was patiently waiting to have her first calf.  They would keep each other company.



They loved spending their time together and seemed to really enjoy themselves at Afton Field Farm.

Especially when they snuck out of their designated area in the orchard at night and we’d find them out in the big pasture in the morning, chillin’ with the chickens, sheep, and other cattle.


Ya. They loved that.


Ruby finally had her calf on Wednesday August 19th at 4am.  It was a beautiful healthy heifer- a girl (for those of you who are still learning all the farm-lingo like I am ;) )

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