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For some reason I absolutely love pigs.  I never in a million years thought that I would have enough exposure to swine to say such a statement.  But marrying into this farm life and having the opportunities to be around any animal other than a cat, I have found that I am a lover of various animal species and delight in them greatly; particularly pigs.

I’m very thankful that this hidden part of my nature and personality has had the chance to come out and flourish.  I am especially thankful that I enjoy pigs as much as I do because it seems that we are up to our ears in swine these days.  More and more batches of weenier pigs (baby pigs that have been weened from their mommas) are arriving at the farm every week.  Pictures of some of those cute little guys will be on their way soon, but for now enjoy the photos of the full grown babies below.




oak savannah pork


Our little piggies are raised out in our 4 acre, 100 year old oak grove.


They love to root around and eat all the wonderful goodness on the forest floor.

{pig tails}
{pig tails}

Here are some more cute little animal bottoms that I love!

{gloucestershire old spot}
{gloucestershire old spot}

I love these little, well not so little, guys! They have some of the best personalities on the farm.

While taking these photos I got to hang out with them in the woods for an hour. They were hilarious!  They get real excited for about a minute and then they poop themselves out and have to lie down from exhaustion.


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  1. Nicolette Noe permalink
    01.20.11 8:42 PM

    Love all your pictures, they are wonderful.

    • 01.26.11 5:07 AM

      Thank you so very much Nicolette! I truly appreciate you saying that about my photos. I love photography and got to borrow my friends super nice Canon for most of the photos on the ‘re-posts’ and I totally got spoiled!! ;) I’m saving my money right now so that hopefully I’ll be able to be the professional farm photography AND the nice camera to go with it ;)

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